It is a big pleasure for us, to be winners of the contest for the best restaurant of the Restaurant Week contest, by votes of our guests. Both, in Wrocław and around the country! It is a great honur for us and an impulse for further development and everyday hard work. Thank you very much for all your votes, feedback and your time to fill in the surveys.

Restaurant Week is well-known culinary festival around the world and it has been  present on Polish ground since 2013. Spring Edition took place in 9 Polish cities, in which took part 248 restaurants, that includes 22 restaurants from Wrocław. For Alyki it was the second edition.
During 10 days (from 1st till 10th of April) our restaurant was visited by 650 guests, that were able to try our menu prepared and served by our Chef – Paweł Błaszczyk.

On our plates were reigning light, spring and colorful dishes. As a starter we served refreshing lime consommé with parmesan polenta and rare rostbeef and as a main dish we served delicate, juicy duck prepared in French method sous-vide with yellow pearl-barley and carrot-orange puree.

The subject of the festival was „Blossom stage of restaurants” , which highlights amazing development of polish gastronomy in recent years. In addition to that, we did our best to add flower accents to our dishes. Going further, we served for dessert a mousse made of elderflower syrup , in which we sinked edible flowers and aromatic wild rose petals. All served on a chocolate cookie and this is how we stole the hearts of our guests. Because of that, we decided to add it to our menu for the whole year. You are welcome to try our dessert and we want to thank once again for all your votes. See you again in our restaurant!

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